The Triathlon Institute at Alpha Horsemen CrossFit

Work Smarter, Not Harder. Professional sports teams…Trust us with your athletes and allow us to help you win. We are that missing piece.

The Alpha Horsemen Triathlon Institute have a team of coaches which specialize in research. We invented and copyrighted a structured VO2 acquisition program for all of you in the triathlon, CrossFit, and professional athlete community.

For decades, athletes from all parts of the world have sought to find short cuts to acquire lungs in a shorter period time. With our background in mathematics and physics we invented a program that will do just that in a controlled, structured, constantly varied, repeatable environment. Naturally. Without PEDs or Blood Doping.

We take our job very seriously. Data and metrics is what confirms or denies the progress of your training. That is why we record and measure your wattages on the Concept 2 Ski Ergometer, Wattbike, and Min/Mile pace on the Trueform Runner. The endless pool is a measured pace per 100yd, identified by the numbered lever on our Endless Pool(s) (Feb 2018). When grouped together the way we have, this form of training has no equal.¬†All your wattages are uniquely tailored. Doesn’t matter if your beginner who has never done any sort of fitness or a highly skilled endurance athlete.

Recent news: In 2019, we will be opening a satellite Triathlon Institute in Alma or Fairplay, Colorado. 10,000ft plus elevation in both locations. In addition, we have just broken ground on our second location. We are aiming to have 8 to 10 endless pools. An unmatched training facility in the world once we’re done.

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