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The Alpha Horsemen Triathlon Institute have a team of coaches which specialize in research. We invented and copyrighted a structured VO2 acquisition program specifically for the Triathlon and CrossFit community.

For decades, athletes across the world have sought to acquire “lungs” in a shorter period of time. With our background in mathematics and physics we invented a program that will do just that in a controlled, structured, constantly varied, and repeatable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different than other coaches, spin classes, running meetup groups, and other triathlons?

Above all else, we are researchers. Data and metrics are what confirms or denies the progress of your training. We record and measure your wattages on the Concept 2 Ski Ergometer, Wattbike, and Min/Mile pace on the Trueform Runner. The Endless Pool system is a measured pace per 100yd. Our individualized data driven programming and scientific method has no equal.

Secondly, it is minimally effective to attempt to individualize a general fitness program like a spin class or running meetup group. People try in elementary ways to introduce science into their training i.e., tracking pace times or calories burned, but this is not a sophisticated approach. In our program, all of your wattages are uniquely tailored in a developmental and linear manner that ensures measurable performance improvements…the numbers don’t lie but believe us when we tell you, you will feel it too. It does not matter if you are a beginner who has never done a Triathlon or a professional, there is room for improvement and even incremental improvements can be the difference at the highest levels.

Can you do programming from another coach as a full time athlete here?

The simple answer is no. Think of this as an experiment. If you do not follow the protocol, you cannot measure what is happening. The controlled environment allows for repeatable performance conditions and clean data. If you run your own program in conjunction with your training here, you have introduced confounded variables and now it is almost impossible to know what we need to do to improve your performance in the most time effective and efficient way.

Can we have the programs you write?

Again, the simple answer is no. Before you come here, we will ask that you sign a non-disclosure agreement. We protect our work and take pride in our athletes. We have put so much time, effort, energy, and thought into what we do we feel we have to keep positive control over it.

Do you only coach triathletes?

No. Coaching triathletes and building engines for other sports is the sole focus of the Institute. Therefore, our coaches have diverse athletic backgrounds, not just that of being solely triathletes, and thus train athletes in different sports during the week.

Are you allowed to schedule races with your friends?

Absolutely. Nothing is better than to compete against another athlete. We encourage you to compete once you are comfortable. Don’t be shocked if coaching staff jump in with you, we are all in love with the sport.

How often can you participate in an indoor tri?

We make a concerted effort to be available to offer our unique capability 7 days a week. If you need a specific time/date all you have to do is call and we are more than willing to accommodate.

How much does each TriBrickathlon cost?

$50 per session.

How many training sessions do you need to do in a week to experience a meaningful impact on your performance?

At least two.

How many do I need to do to be part of the research program being published in 2019?

Three. VO2 testing will be free when you attend consistently at least three times or more per week.If you would like VO2 testing along, not including a TriBrickathlon we charge $150.00.

If I sign up for a TriBrickathlon, will I be VO2 tested?

Yes. The first race is $150 since you have to be VO2 tested. For each additional TriBrickathlon we charge $50. If you have been attending often and regularly, don’t worry about paying again. We will gladly VO2 test you every couple of weeks so you can see your progress.

If I take a long break in training will I need to be VO2 tested again?

Yes. It will be $150.00. When you take a long break you will have to start over and establish a new baseline which means collecting a host of new data.

Is there heart rate monitoring?

Yes. You need to provide your own heart rate chest belt but it will link up to our display screen in the gym.

Do you encourage us to have our own data gathering device?

Yes, but the point of this program is that there is little to no transition time and these electronic devices will be adding rest and adding transition time. We keep all the data so you can seamlessly transition between events to maximize training efficiency.

What about the swim?

Yes. We have two endless pools installed. We are capable of swimming year round regardless of the outdoor weather.

Why the Concept 2 SkiErg?

Not all sets of our program are water based. Some parts are intensity driven.When it is necessary to hit high wattages with absolutely no transition time, the SkiErg is a fantastic and underutilized apparatus. Mark Allen said the hardest Triathlon he has ever done was the Triathlon Des Neiges. Cross-country ski, run, bike. Mark Allen was not wrong. We have put this to the test and it is “potent”. It also has the added benefit of increasing you swimming strength.

Why the WattBike?

In short, it is the best indoor training bike on the market. Tour de France champions train with it.

Why the Trueform Runner?

It is non-motorized. Absent of a flywheel. It is the toughest treadmill to run on in the world. You will feel like a thoroughbred race horse after running on this a few times.

Not to mention, your knees will love you because this triathlon is zero impact on the body allowing you to train everyday if desired.

Can outside coaches come and coach their athletes here?

No. Once again, right or wrong, we have a tremendous sense of pride in our program. It has taken years to create and fine tune. We are also competitive athletes and are in the business of winning. While the Triathlon Institute has a family feel and the culture is one where people would literally give you the shirt off their pack, we are not interested in helping our competition.

Is there a membership fee per month?

Yes and no. Each session costs $50. Keep in mind, an hour of personal training (with none of our specialized equipment) costs $100 to $150 an hour. If you want to be a really good triathlete, invest in your training. 500/month, unlimited TriBrickathlons included with free VO2 testing, explained below.

Where are you located?

Contact Berto for details. We are located in Upper Montgomery County Maryland, on our farm. We’re market testing so this is a great place for us to start. Email and he will give you directions.

Will I be the only one in the Tri Session?

No. We do have a limit on the number of people that can fit in our space and on our equipment. We are not willing to overbook just to make money so the added benefit to you is no interruption of your training and seamless transitions. We can run 6 people at a time max. We have 2 endless pools and 3 sets of SkiErg, WattBikes, and Trueform Runners.

I signed up for a race date and time? What do I do next?

Email Please introduce yourself. Berto and the other coaches here are welcoming of everybody but we something we value is civility and respect. We approve every race attendee which reduces the amount of negative egos and builds a supportive teamwork environment where everyone is more likely to perform at their best.

What if I am sick, can I still come in?

Please do not come in!!! You will not lose your money or your race. Will reschedule you without question and return your money.

Is there a specific age?

No. We have triathletes training from age 7. At this time, we have two full time kids training in our methodology.

What if it is snowing, should I still come in?

Don’t show up. We will return your money and reschedule your race. It is unfortunate if this happens to you,but we would prefer you to stay home and be safe.

What if a blizzard comes in? We may close for a couple days clearing out. Check the site or call Berto to see if we are closed. Again, we will return your money for the races that are affected and reschedule you for a time that is convenient for you.

Is there a limit to how many TriBrickathlons you can sign up for?

No. Sign up every day if you want.

What if I’m doing over 10 bricks in the month?

Unlimited means unlimited. We will never charge you more than the $500 per month for the unlimited use of our facility. If you have signed up for the unlimited plan and have been approved by the coaches to safely and responsibly operate all of the equipment, you will get a pin code to the gym and be allowed to come in anytime you want, 24 hours a days. You will also have the independence to take control a bit more of your training since we most likely won’t be here for every single one of your TriBrickathlons. Berto can always be reached via phone, so you can consult with him on any modifications to your programming. Unlimited members who have 24 hour access are usually training for Kona. You will also have the benefits of learning how to fix your body. Body work is typically and afterthought but can unlock areas of human potential normally forgotten about. This will allow you to push harder and faster in your sessions and reduces the risk for injury significantly. Staying healthy while pushing harder in training is priceless addition to your preparation.

How many athletes are you looking for?

If 10 athletes sign up for unlimited training then all triathlons for the public will be closed. We are unwilling to let our work product diminish just to make more money and have more clients. 10 full time athletes requires the full time attention of our coaching staff.

Can any of these athletes be kids?

Yes. We do not provide child care, so if they are able to handle a structured environment we welcome the opportunity to set an athletic foundation that will stay with them for life and influence their work ethic to show them what it takes to succeed in more than just triathlons.

I want to be one of those 10 athletes. Can I pay incrementally?

Yes. $125 weekly. Or $250 bi-weekly.

What if I am one of those 10 athletes and stop coming? Can I jump right back in?

No. We will obviously be in touch with you, but we cannot “hold” your spot…even if you continue to pay. We are in this for the love of the sport and the science of the training methodology. We need athletes. We will give up your roster spot to the next in line waiting to be part of the team. You can jump back in line or work out a program with Berto that better fits any changes in your life circumstances or schedule.

Can I train more than once a day if I am one of those 10 athletes?

Absolutely. We have four full time TriBrickathletes. They train twice a day quite a bit during the week. So in essence, we have six remaining slots for the full time Ironman athletes.

When we’re training alone, can we go after a full Ironman distance?

Absolutely. Don’t be afraid to push yourself. But remember, to get better and win, intensity over volume. Always.

Will you travel with us to our Ironman?

If we can travel with our athlete, we always do. We have other athletes to accommodate so we have to be mindful of balancing that.

Any possibility of high altitude training?

Yes. In 2019, we will be opening a satellite TriBrickathlon facility, with one endless pool, one SkiErg, one wattbike, and one trueform runner in either Alma or Fairplay, Colorado. These locations are 10,000ft plus above sea level, perfect for high altitude training. This way you can prepare in high elevation before your race, enjoy Colorado, and stay there as long as you need to train as we will also have living quarters for our athletes.

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