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TriBrickathlon and KORR VO2 Testing

What exactly is the TriBrickathlon?

The objective of the TriBrickathlon is to take hours off your Ironman and to generally slaughter triathlons. And in the case of professional athletes, use the triathlon to get an edge on your competition. We have invested thousands of hours coaching athletes, from beginners to elite, so you don’t waste time. We want you to win now. Months and years are not in our vocabulary. As a result, we can say with absolute confidence, that our program will produce the results you want in the fraction of time as opposed to other programs out there.

To elaborate, we created a high intensity, constantly varied, land and water based indoor triathlon that you can do anytime you want, any day you want, 7 days a week. We have all heard of those awful BRICK workouts we’ve done as triathletes. Well, that is almost exactly what this is. Unlike your ability to do only two events, we do all three and with no transition time. We have also created a method based on the individual athlete’s data that allows us to prescribe sets, rounds, transitions, VO2 windows, and aerobic/anaerobic thresholds solely focused on pin pointing exactly what you need to improve. This data analysis and program development has taken us four years to develop and test. You are not the test subject, you reap the benefits of focused training. We cut out all of the training that we know are not offering you benefits and increase the actions that are, thus making incredible gains.

The program is copyrighted and thus, we have everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement so our work doesn’t get out into the open. Furthermore, in 2020 we will be presenting data accumulated from all of you to committees across the world.

With over 30 training triathlons in the curriculum, you are going to love the training range in the TriBrickathlon.

Please remember to have your physician sign off on a high intensity training triathlon. Your safety is our main concern.


Everyone here must be VO2 tested. The training spectrum here is from a high average wattage sprint indoor triathlon all the way to a full blown indoor distance triathlon. Our TriBrickathlon program is so varied that all volume and intensity levels are covered; removing any worry of “weaknesses” in preparation for your race.

Therefore, the KORR VO2 is necessary for the customization of your wattages and pacing. Without this customization, training becomes unfocused and aimless. Misguided and non-customized training is a waste of time. The KORR VO2 testing is utilized to test the efficiency of our program. Instead of using the word “feeling” as your measuring gauge, we can provide scientific metrics with the KORR VO2 to confirm your improvement over time.